Chiropractic Testimonials

"I highly recommend Comfort Chiropractic.

I have tripped and fell so many times messing up my back and neck. ive been in car accidents as well. They have adjusted me, and I'm on my way to recovery. My pain level was so great one day I was driving to their office in tears. I went in and Dr. Lance adjusted my neck and I had immediate relief and no pain. I am a firm believer in this office and totally support all of their methods of healing help. I always use holistic health methods such as Chiropractors and massages before I go to a regular primary care. Chiropractors at comfort are great, the office staff are friendly and professional as well. You will walk in and know you receive great service. I love the fact this is a Christian office and God has blessed them with the gifts of healing. Recommendation is a 5+ here."

- Ingrid S.

"Always leave feeling much better. Dr Kerri even helps my toddler who started going since he was baby. Over all, wonderful and kind Staff."

- Cruz Z.

"I highly recommend Comfort Chiropractic! They have helped me a lot with my pain. The staff and Dr’s are the best!"

- Nidia G.

"These folks provide excellent care and are very knowledgeable! I’ve been blessed to be a regular for several years."

-  Dudley B.

"Awesome group of people who actually listen and help find the best treatment needed."

- Lisa C.

"All around excellent care! Fantastic team!"

- Alisa S.


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